Storm Copper is a proud supplier of copper sheet, foils and other metal products to enhance the looks and durability of Man Caves.

By Frank Ross

Pictured left to right are series designer Hilary Reuben, Storm's Online Sales Manager Charlene Miller, licensed contractor Jason Cameron and series designer Becka Citron.

Pictured on the show's set (LtoR) are series designer Hilary Reuben, Storm's Online Sales Manager Charlene Miller, licensed contractor Jason Cameron and series designer Becka Citron.

Every man needs a place where he can refill his cup of machismo! For some, this can be a place of solitude, for others a rock and roll epicenter of sound and light. Regardless of the décor or appointments, be they simple or grandiose, these masculine sanctuaries of sanity are known simply as Man Caves.

In recognition of the importance of man caves in the life of every red blooded American male, the DIY Network’s created a show with the ultimate goal of fueling the fantasy of its viewers and fulfilling the dreams of one lucky guy each week. The show’s producers recruited licensed contractor Jason Cameron and former NFL great Tony “The Goose” Siragusa to offer amazing ideas for the ultimate Man Caves.

Man Caves’ designers take ideas submitted by viewers and create amazing rooms centered around each individuals passion, be it sports, wine or fire engines. To meet the technical requirements of each individually designed room, manufacturers and vendors of top quality products are called upon to provide their expertise when an unusual or specialty installation is required.

Storm Copper has provided metal and their staff’s extensive experience in metal installation for three shows that will be aired in the coming weeks. Storm’s Online Sales Manager, Charlene Miller, was on hand to assist in the construction of a Man Cave with a firehouse theme for one of New Jersey’s finest. This episode will air in approximately two weeks, so as they say in the biz – check your local listings for Man Caves on the DIY channel. Other episodes to air in the coming weeks include caves with gangster and Montana themes.

For more information on DIY Man Caves, go to DIY Network/Man Caves.

For all your metal needs, including custom cuts and specialty fabrication, log onto Storm’s companion sheet metals website, and click the link to “Live Text and Chat Support” for a fast answer to all of your metal needs.

When shopping for copper or stainless steel sheeting, and flexibility is an issue, here’s a tip to help you understand and compare the thickness and flexibility of these metals. The thickness of metal sheeting is listed in decimals. Metal sheeting with the thickness of .010, compared to our American system of fractions, would measure to less than 1/64 inch.

Now, let’s go one step further and give you a comparison of the flexibility of the metal that you can relate to an item in your everyday life. If you may have a Blockbuster membership card or a Bonus rewards card, copper sheeting with a .010 thickness will have the same flexibility as either of these cards.

Keep in mind that these two cards are thinner than a standard credit card which is less flexible. A standard credit card measures .028. This compares closely to .0216 copper foil, but the foil is slightly stiffer. Some other measurements that are convenient comparisons to everyday items are listed below.

Penny .05
Dime .062
Nickle .07
Quarter .067
Half dollar .085

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